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bang bang. <3;

icons && resources

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Welcome. <3

This is the icon journal of wishehx3

Resources I make are textures, gradients, brushes etc. I also post icons here.

I'll just post them as soon as I can. I'm quite lazy so I might not post like everyday with something new. Plus brushes and texture communities don't really like when people post a LOT in a week.

. . .

Original CSS Stylesheet by reversescollide

The rules.

Credit me if using. - Derr. Why wouldn't you? x.x I can become a bitch, you know. =D; So don't forget credit.

Comment saying which icons/resources you are taking. - This really makes me happy and the more comments I get, the more I will give you in icons and resources. <3;

DO NOT HOTLINK. - Which is right clicking, clicking properties, and copy and pasting the link I posted with my 'wisheeeh' Photobucket account. I might select random icons and replace the link with a giant hotlink banner, so that will show up on your page, not the icon.

No editing my icons. - Yeah. My icons are completed works. As long as you don't have the psd file, editing an icon would look horrible anyways.

DO NOT edit/redistribute any of my resources. - I made the resources. Not you, kay?


On requests; Feel free to request something you'd like to see here. I take any ideas. x) I might do them, but then again I might not. Just request, it won't hurt.

On friending; Friend the community. I would loove that. That way you can keep up with updates. You can also join the community if you only want to keep a bookmark of this community in your 'member of' list.


Affiliates are love. <33 If you want to affiliate with me then just post a comment anywhere on my journal asking. The most recent post would be fine. (x