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High Heeled Textures {10}

{ Download here @ Deviantart }

Okay. So I finally got another texture set up. x--x; Yes, I'm lazy. Buuuut~ I also made about 10 more texture sets. They're almost finished. I just need to make the preview and .zip file for all of them.
PLUS. I found some more texture ideas, so I'll be scanning like 8 of those soon too. =D;

Oh. And expect some brushes. x)

Anyways. High heeled textures? I suck at naming my textures, but just numbering them isn't any fun. These were made from designs on some high heels. Colorful, yes.

Expect my next texture to be more
abstract. ;o

&& Don't forget to comment and credit please if using! I worked hard on these. And I loove comments. x)

Enjoooooy! <33

Feel free to friend bang_designs if you want to keep track of the textures I'm making. (x

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